Timeline of Print

Manuscript submission and acceptance timeline

Phase 1 – Submit a Topic/Title

  • NFAR accepts literature reviews, case reports, and original research for publication.
  • Review the List of Previous Articles published in NFAR to ensure that your topic is novel.
  • Submit a working title to be approved – contact details under the Submission page.
  • Wait for a response – the topic will either be approved or returned for revision.

Phase 2 – Submit a Manuscript

  • Review the tab “For Authors” to get information about NFAR guidelines on manuscript sections, grammar, formatting, and references.
  • Submit your manuscript (.doc, .docx) and copies of references cited (.pdf) in a folder with a link to the email address provided in the Submissions page.
  • Your submitted manuscript will be reviewed and checked for plagiarism through Turnitin.com
  • Wait for a response – your manuscript will either be accepted for peer review, returned for revision, or rejected without review.

Phase 3 – Peer Review and Manuscript Preparation

  • For the following 4-5 months, there will be constant communication between authors and NFAR editors in regards to the content, structure, figures, and references of your manuscript.
  • All changes are tracked. Authors and editors are anonymous and use aliases to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • It is the responsibility of the authors to prepare their manuscript to publication standards in order for it to be included in the final journal. Manuscripts that do not meet publication standards in time will not be published.
  • Once the manuscript is ready for publication, it receives final approval from our faculty advisor.

Phase 4 – Publication

  • Each edition of NFAR is published at the end of the school calendar year and sent to all residency programs and podiatry schools in the nation.
  • Past editions can be found in our Archives, and manuscripts from current editions will be featured as digital articles on our website.