Editorial Board


Each article in the National Foot and Ankle Review is written by student authors and peer-reviewed by student editors. As an editorial team, we would like to thank the student authors who contributed manuscripts. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work together with you to promote academic knowledge and research within podiatric medicine. It has been a rewarding learning experience for us all.

The editorial staff would like to gratefully acknowledge our faculty advisers who have been an invaluable source of knowledge and voice of experience. We would also like to thank Dr. Albert Burns for all his years dedicated to this journal.

Finally, thank you for your readership of the National Foot and Ankle Review. We are proud to present to you the final product of work this year.

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Editor-in-chief: Varsha Salunkhe
Editor-in-chief: Phong Ta
Associate Editor: Rabeea Abbas
Associate Editor: Kayla DeBlauw
Associate Editor: Natasha Hands
Associate Editor: Monica Jung
Associate Editor: Stuardo Trigueros
Associate Editor: Yessica Woo Lee
Manuscript Editor: Mackenzie Luke Chesworth
Manuscript Editor: Sunakshi Garg
Manuscript Editor: Alexandra Jacobs
Manuscript Editor: Saira Kumaravel
Manuscript Editor: Paul Nam Phong Nguyen

Editor-in-chief: Emily Khuc
Editor-in-chief: Varsha Salunkhe
Associate Editor: Jessica Heathcoat
Associate Editor: Monica Jung
Associate Editor: Caroline Ko
Associate Editor: Grace Kim
Manuscript Editor: Rabbea Abbas
Manuscript Editor: Asif Khan

Online Editor: Roberto De Los Santos DPM

Editor-in-chief: Lewis Kane
Editor-in-chief: Emily Khuc
Associate Editor: Shontal Behan
Associate Editor: Natalie Coriaty
Associate Editor: Deepal Dalal
Associate Editor: Grace Kim
Associate Editor: Stephen Kriger
Associate Editor: Katherine Pettibone
Manuscript Editor: Andrew Au
Manuscript Editor: Austin Hall
Manuscript Editor: Megan Ishibashi
Manuscript Editor: Ajaypaul Singh
Manuscript Editor: Megan Teague
Manuscript Editor: Lisa Yoon

Editor-in-chief: Sara Shirazi
Editor-in-chief: Lewis Kane
Associate Editor: Shontal Behan
Associate Editor: Thomas Curtis
Associate Editor: Albert Elhiani
Associate Editor: Stephen Kriger
Associate Editor: Luke McCann
Associate Editor: Ashmi Patel
Manuscript Editor: Johann-Christian Abordo
Manuscript Editor: Rayven Bridges
Manuscript Editor: Austin Hall
Manuscript Editor: Riley Rampton
Manuscript Editor: Dallas Valerio
Manuscript Editor: James Willmore

Editor: Matthew Doyle
Editor: Sara Shirazi
Co-Editor: Deepal Dalal
Co-Editor: Albert Elhiani
Co-Editor: An-An Jiang
Co-Editor: Silpa Joy
Co-Editor: Stephanie Mita
Co-Editor: Lena Sun
Co-Editor: Dara Taeb

Editor: Francesca Castellucci-Garza Editor: Elizabeth Tronstein
Co-Editor: Anubha Oberoi
Co-Editor: Matthew Doyle
Co-Editor: Silpa Joy
Co-Editor: Dara Taeb

Editor: Justin Ross
Co-Editor: Roberto Brandao
Co-Editor: Eve Hui
Co-Editor: Anu Oberoi
Co-Editor: Elizabeth Tronstein
Co-Editor: Francesca Castellucci-Garza

Editor: Jessica Lickess
Co-Editor: Kim Dao
Co-Editor: Roberto Brandao
Co-Editor: Justin Ross

Editor: Heather Newhard
Co-Editor: Brett Shahabi
Co-Editor: Rodmehr Ajdari

Editor: Debbie Sith
Co-Editor: Christy King

Editor: Heather McGuire
Co-Editor: Azar Dastgah

Editor: Staci McCorvey Bogin
Co-Editor: Rachel Hoyal